Clever and Fun Ways Your Kids Will Love to Decorate Eggs for Easter ...

Along with Christmas and Halloween, Easter is one of the best times for crafting. You can go with all sorts of spring themed items, religious aspects or the huge favorite, eggs. The best Easter eggs don't have to be chocolate you know.

As these fun Easter egg crafts will show:

1. Dye Eggs with Shaving Cream

2. How to Make Disney Eggs

Source: Disney Eggs

3. Ombré Eggs

4. Minion Eggs

5. Sharpie Tie Dye Easter Eggs

6. Primitive Eggs

7. GLOW in the Dark Eggs

8. Lithuanian Easter Eggs

9. Glitter Eggs

10. Space Eggs

11. Star Wars Eggs


12. Food Coloring Eggs


13. Fabric Eggs

14. Sharpie Bunnies

15. Monogram Easter Eggs


16. Book Page Papier Mache

17. Faux Wooden Eggs

18. Paper Napkin Eggs

19. Silver Leaf Egg

20. Polka Dot Eggs

21. Hipster Easter Eggs

22. Swirly Eggs

23. Ombré Eggs


24. Nail Polish Marbleized Easter Eggs

25. Black and White Easter Eggs

26. Emoji Easter Eggs

27. Watercolor Eggs

28. Black and White Eggs

29. Easter Eggs Dyed with Silk Ties

30. String Easter Eggs

31. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

32. Washy Dyed Eggs

33. Pressed Flower Eggs

34. Last Minute Eggs

35. Golden Speckled Blue Eggs

36. All-natural Dye Recipe for Easter Eggs

37. Glittered Easter Eggs

38. Washi Tape Eggs

39. Foiled Eggs

40. Decoupage Eggs


Are you ready to release your inner artist?

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