Celebs Stunning in Floppy Hats๐Ÿ‘’. How do You Wear Yours?๐Ÿ‘’ ...

It's floppy sun hat season! A superb fashion accessory and a great way to protect your face from the sun, a floppy hat has been a summer must-have for decades. Letโ€™s see who wears them and who wears them best.

1. Vanessa Hudgens Regularly Appears in a Floppy Hat

2. Blake Lively Channels Serena Van Der Woodsen Style

3. Elle Fanning's Pale Beauty Offset by Plum Fedora

4. Selena Gomez Really Pulls It off

5. Demi Lovato Does It Street Style

6. Amber Heard Looks Impossibly Cute

7. Leighton Meister Incognito in Floppy Straw Hat and Large Shades

8. Marilyn Monroe Proving How Timeless an Accessory the Floppy Hat is

9. Kerri Washington - Olivia Pope

10. Dakota Johnson Wears an Airport Outfit so Popular with Numerous Celebs

11. Timeless but with Sexy Lingerie? All Hail Sophia Loren

12. Emma Stone is a No-fuss Gal

13. Kim Kardashian in All White 70's Inspired Look

14. Kendall Jenner Keeping It Cool

15. Jessica Alba Wears Hers for Running Errands

16. Serena Wouldn't Get Away with That Hat at Wimbledon

17. Emma Roberts Goes for an Edgy Boho Look

18. Amal Clooney Looking Gorgeous and Summery

19. Kelly Osborne Makes It Cute

20. Olivia Munn Goes Boho in a Gauzy Black Maxi

21. It's Big, It's Floppy, It's Straw and It's Perfect for Beyoncé on Her Travels

22. Hilary Duff's Been Spotted Lots in This Favorite Hat

23. Zoe Saldana Plays with Hers

24. Angelina Jolie Keeping It Casual

25. Rachel Zoe Keeps up Her Boho Image

26. Anne Hathaway is the Picture of Old Hollywood Glamour

27. Julie Christie Shows They Knew a Thing or Two about Floppy Hats Back in the 60s

28. Jennifer Lopez Dons Hers with a Daring Dress

29. Olivia Palermo is Picture Perfect

30. The Always Stylish Lupita Nyong'o

31. Nicole Scherzinger's Summer Style

32. Sienna Miller Dresses for Glastonbury

33. Diane Kruger Knows a Floppy Hat is Ideal for a Shopping Trip

34. Lucy Hale Looks Super-cute in a Hat and Heart Sunnies

35. Chrissy Teigen Mixing Casual and Smart

36. Rita Ora Beautiful in Big and Black

37. Keira Knightley Looking Adorable

38. Nikki Reed Rocks Hers California Boho Style

39. Paris Hilton Wears Hers with a Monochrome Ensemble

40. Halle Berry Sheltering from the Sun on the Beach

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