Comebacks 🗯 for All of the Nosy People 🖕🏼 in Your Life ✌🏼 ...

Don't you hate when someone tries to invade your privacy? You don't go around asking them about the intricate details of their life, so they shouldn't ask you about yours.

Of course, some people will never learn, so here are a few comebacks for all of the nosy people in your life:

1. Hey, I Found Your Nose. It’s in My Business Again!

You can start this one by asking them if they know where their nose went. When they act confused, you can hit them with this clever comeback.

2. Remember when I Asked for Your Opinion? Me Neither

If someone decides to tell you how to dress or how to do your makeup, even though you didn't ask for their opinion, use this comeback on them. It'll put them in their place.

3. Oh I Didn’t Tell You. It Must Have Been None of Your Business then

If someone gets offended over the fact that you didn't tell them your deepest, darkest secret, they're acting ridiculous. It's not your job to inform them of everything that goes on in your life.

4. Unless You’re My Thong, Don’t Be up My Ass

This one is a little crude, but it'll get the point across.

5. Solve Your Own Problems before You Try to Solve Mine

Why would anyone try to fix your problems when they have plenty of problems of their own?

6. Why do You Ask?

This is a simple question that'll make them realize that they have no good reason for invading your privacy.

7. You’re All up in My Kool Aid and Don’t Even Know the Flavor

They might get confused by this one, but at least it'll get them to leave you alone.

8. Don’t You Have Your Own Life to Worry about?

They definitely do, so they won't be able to respond to this without looking foolish.

9. My Privacy Isn’t Your Entertainment

You aren't a reality star. Your problems aren't meant to entertain your neighbors.

10. Stalk Me on Facebook like a Normal Person

Tell them to stop asking you questions about your personal life, and just try cyber stalking you like everyone else does.

11. I’d Give You a Nasty Look, but You Already Have One

This will be a verbal slap to the face.

12. You Should Introduce Your Lower Lip to Your Upper Lip and Shut the Hell up

This is the perfect way to get them to stop asking questions.

13. I’ve Got Five Fingers. the Middle One is for You

This one is pretty rude, so only use it on someone who can take a joke.

14. I’m Sorry My Life is More Interesting than Yours

Obviously your life is better than their life if they're so concerned with everything that you do.

15. Do You Want Your Nose Back?

This should make your annoyance pretty clear.

16. Everyone’s Entitled to Be Stupid, but You're Abusing the Privilege

After all, it's pretty stupid to try to get involved in someone else's business.

17. Keep Rolling Your Eyes. You Might Find a Brain Back There

This one is a last resort, since it's pretty rude. But it's also pretty funny.

Some people need to learn to mind their own business. What other comebacks have you used on nosy people?

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