These 21 Flats Will Look Fabulous in Springtime ...

Sweet sundresses, cute capris, sexy skinny jeans - all of these just demand flats, especially in spring! So I've filled my shopping cart with loads of cute spring flats, and I'm about to click "Check Out." Which ones should I get?

1. Up Your Alley Cat Flat

Price: $59.99 at
These flats would have made it into my cart without the kitty faces on the toes. But of course, they'll end up in my shoe rack, for sure, because who doesn't want pink polka dot flats with kitties on them?

2. Frolic and a Promise Flat

Price: $49.99 at
I love these flats, too! The color looks great with dark-wash skinnies and that ankle strap is so dainty!

3. Beach, Please Flat

Price: $49.99 at
Oh, yes please! Let's go to the beach! I'm not sure yet what I'd wear these with, but I love the color, and the sentiment.

4. Gleam It, do It Flat

Price: $39.99 at
These sweetly scalloped flats come in rose gold and in silver, and either would look great with your favorite LBD.

5. Whole Stride World Flat

Price: $34.99 at
These flats come in blue polka dots (shown) or in black and white stripes. Which do you like best? I'm leaning toward the blue ones.

6. Full Schedule Essential Flat

Price: $34.99 at
There's nothing in your spring wardrobe these casual flats won't match, and they're so comfy and cute!

7. Face Your Cheers Flat

Price: $39.99 at
These daring pink Care Bear flats may seem like an odd choice, but who couldn't use a little more love in their life... or shoe rack?

8. Ready to Row Flat

Price: $59.99 at
I don't know - are Sperry boat shoes really flats? When they're this fun shade of berry, does it matter?

9. Round-Skip Ticket Flat

Price: $39.99 at
I love the little white laces in these shoes... again, they're not necessarily flats, but they don't have a heel, so I'm just going to go with it.

10. In Love with Unicorn Flat

Price: $54.99 at
I mean, really. Can you think of any outfit that wouldn't be improved with a little unicorn magic?

11. To Be or Notch to Be Flat

Price: $34.99 at
Which do I like more, the brogue styling or the soft sage color? It's a tie! (Bad pun totally intended.)

12. Ready or Nautical, Here I Come! Flat

Price: $34.99 at
What's even better than striped flats? Black and white striped flats, on which the stripes go every which way.

13. Clever so Sweet Flat

Price: $59.99 at
Insert clever "foxy lady" pun here, and then add these adorable flats to your shopping cart because you just couldn't resist.

14. Laces, Everyone! Flat

Price: $34.99 at
Nothing says "spring" like a sunshine-yellow accessory, and these flats are just the right shade.

15. On the Cutting Edge Flat

Price: $49.99 at
At first I thought those were studs on the ankle straps, but a closer look reveals that they're actually embroidered chevrons, and now I like these flats even more.

16. Curioser Flats

Price: $199.99 at
Oh my goodness gracious! I don't even need a little card next to these that says "Buy Me" to add them to my cart. Do they have them in my size? Yes!

17. Tres Sleek Flat

Price: $34.99 at
Black patent leather flats are classic and won't ever go out of style, and these, with their modern shape and peep-toe, will be on-trend for ages.

18. A Hug and a Kick Flat

Price: $49.99 at
Why, hello indeed! I love these flirty little flats, and I promise I'll wear them at least once a week.

19. Mew and Me Forever Flat

Price: $59.99 at
Okay, so I *might* have a thing for kitty-themed flats, but if I'm going to be a crazy cat lady, why not start in my shoe closet?

20. Well-Stepped Flat

Price: $54.99 at
Which do I love more? These flats in red with white, or white with red? Both are available, and I can't really afford both...

21. Stroke of Genus Flat

Price: $34.99 at
Again with the animal theme! But these are so cute, and they're versatile enough that you can wear them with almost anything!

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